“What can I expect?”

What is the culture like at Bethel?

As you walk in, expect to feel welcome by our all-smiling and friendly team! Sundays at Bethel are power packed and lively. Feel free to choose your seat and experience an amazing time of worship, praise and experience a connection with God like never before. Be encouraged by our bilingual (English and Hindi) sermon. Stay back for refreshment, connect with us and get to make new friends.

How long is the service?

The entire service lasts for about 2 hours. We kick off our fun-filled servicewith an amazing time of praise and worship at 10.30 a.m. and proceed with filling our connection cards, general announcements and finally our sermon that inspires, through the power of God’s spirit.

Is there any specific dress code at Bethel?

No, we do not have a dress code. Feel free to come just as you are, in whatever makes you comfortable, and rejoice in God’s presence. The good part about Jesus is that as a friend, all He cares about is the heart that we have. Thus, at Bethel, we are all about accepting one another and loving each other just as Jesus loves us.

Can I still join in if I’m not a Christian?

The answer is- Yes! We’d love you to come and be part of our family. At Bethel, it’s not about how ‘Christian’ we look on the outside or about a religion. It’s about our heart, and the personal relationship we have with Jesus. It’s about loving, encouraging, accepting and empowering one another in the walk of life and our walk with God.  He is a wonderful friend who sets people free and loves them for who they are.

What of my kids?

Bring them along! We’d love to host them; and we conduct our Sunday school in the same church building, during the same time as our service. You can be assured that we will take care of them, teach them with love and enthusiasm, and get them involved in group activities with other kids.