Get Involved

Want to move to the next level and volunteer?

Opportunities abound!

God has equipped every person with talents and skills. Using them to glorify God can be the best ever thing you will ever experience. Even Jesus came, not to be served, but to serve. Come and be a blessing.

Join the Choir

Musically talented? There’s no better way to use your skills than praising God! Our amazingly talented musicians, leaders and vocalists would love to have you in their team. Whether it’s playing musical instruments or singing- get to be a part of it!

Welcome and Ushering

Small things make a big difference; and we know a smile or handshake from somebody can just brighten anyone’s day. Join our welcome or ushering team, and get to play a key role in making sure people feel welcome and comfortable throughout and after the service.

Sunday School

Children can give you some of the greatest adventures; and if you have a heart to bond with them and teach, Bethel would love to have you as a Sunday School volunteer. You’ll get a chance to spend time with kids, teach them God’s Word and get them to do activities. Above all, you’ll be their friend and help them shape a future ahead.

Media Team

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our media team ensures that the memorable moments at Bethel are captured every week, and shared with everyone on various platforms. Photography, Videography, Sound and Editing, Social Media communications strategy- we’d love to have your contribution on board.


Bethel isn’t just about power packed Sundays, but also about how we grow in our walk with the Lord every day.
Our training program is designed to help each person have a personal encounter with the
Lord and find God’s purpose for them. At the same time, we discuss in detail the strong
church foundations to help us meet the vision that God has for us, and how we can better
equip ourselves to serve, live God’s principles practically with others, and glorify Him.
We encourage small batches to ensure proper mentoring of and participation from everyone,
and award certificates upon successful completion of the program.

Join a life-group, fellowship or membership class

“Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” -John 15:13
Join a Life-group

An opportunity to pray and also have fun-filled moments together; a time when we are relaxed and full of joy.

Join a Fellowship

The world constantly tries to bring us down with just so much pressure, and it can be difficult to cope with. At Bethel, we have Young Professionals Fellowship and Women’s Fellowship meets- a time to strengthen our bonds, play games and also be reminded of what God’s purpose for us is.

Become a member

Membership at Bethel is given after you complete the short membership course. You’ll get a deep dive into the basic founding principles of the church, the important elements of Christianity and how to practically implement them.  The class is conducted on a weekly basis, every Sunday after the service, and everyone is free to join in. A simple, practical yet powerful approach towards living a more meaningful life. A membership certificate is given after successfully completing the course.

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